Journal Entries

(April 5 2024 21:10 CST)

Sixth thing 3rd for me! entry -¥-

Hey, I'm getting help so that I can write whatever the hell I want, and it'll let me do that so I can say hello like, THIS!

I intend to get to many things, but on April 27th (my favorite number) I am at an art show here in beautiful Austin, Texas! It's the 16th annual Sunset Valley Art Festival! I will find the address. Hang on,

I haven't gone out to show people these in person in 13 years, and think this will be very fun! You'll know somebody who will want one of these in your life! You,ll see! the black light function is so cool. it's too bad I have to do that manually. Anyhow, Fun!

(April 5 2024 20:06 CST)

Fifth entry -¥-

Amidst the dusty desert plains, where heatwaves dance like specters in the sun, we find ourselves amidst the cacophony of the Mint 400 motorcycle race. Motorcycle engines roar like lions in the jungle, their riders clad in a mishmash of leather and denim, a motley crew of misfits and rebels. Amidst the chaos, the air is thick with the smell of gasoline and sweat, a heady cocktail that invades the senses. Zipping past in a blur of motion, the motorcycles become streaks of color against the barren landscape. Every twist and turn of the track is a gamble with fate, a roll of the dice in the game of life.

Piranha Maze

Keeping pace with the action, we're swept up in the frenzy, our hearts pounding with excitement. In the midst of it all, we find ourselves questioning the very fabric of reality, lost in a haze of dust and adrenaline. Navigating through the madness, we're reminded of the raw, untamed spirit of humanity, a force to be reckoned with. Gazing out into the vast expanse of desert, we're struck by the sheer absurdity of it all, a surreal spectacle that defies explanation.

(March 27 2024 21:57 CST)

Fourth entry -¥-

this is jour¥l numero quatro, yo!!

(March 27 2024 21:27 CST)

The first journ¥l entry

okay, i'm typing in this box to test it!

(March 27 2024 21:27 CST)

I personally wrote this one on the internet! -¥-

hahaha there's still text here too, cuz i can!!!!!!

(March 14 2024)

The first journal entry

Some stuff happened recently pretty sure